5-Day Fast & Cleanse

5-Day Fast & Cleanse
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  • Manufacturer: Natures Secret

5-Product kit containing everything you need to experience the most rejuvenating, healthy and energizing fast possible.*

The digestive system feeds the brain, liver, heart and every other organ, gland and tissue in the body-right down to the cellular level. When compromised, your digestive system can no longer keep nutrition intake and waste elimination running smoothly, thereby affecting your physical vitality and stamina as well as the ability to fight illness, delay aging, improve moods and enhance well-being.

Rebuild the foundation of your health with a 5-day Ultimate Fasting Cleanse® that will:

  • Rebuild the body's toxins*
  • Support immune function*
  • Promote cell health and elimination*
  • Increase tissue oxygenation*
  • Enhance mental alertness*

With over 75 herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phyto-nutrients and superfoods, the Ultimate Fasting Cleanse® features 5 simple steps for comprehensive and effective results.

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