Enzymedica Stem X-Cell 60vc

Enzymedica Stem X-Cell 60vc
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  • Manufacturer: Enzymedica

Stem XCell represents a synergistic blend of active botanicals, antioxidants, and enzyme catalysts in one of the most exciting new formulas aimed at adult stem cell renewal.* Contains the scientifically proven NT020 blend.

  • Support the normal growth and function of your body’s own stem cells* 
  • Maintains optimal health of adult stem cell populations to support a healthy immune system* 
  • Protects the cells against the harmful effects of free radicals, and helps to support the proliferation of stem cells within the body* 
  • Antioxidant enzymes, botanicals, and vitaims provide high ORAC value to slow oxidative process* 
  • Enzyme formula provides optimal delivery and absorption

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