Lemon Balm Force™

Lemon Balm Force™
  • Manufacturer: New Chapter


Lemon Balm Force

Supercritical Lemon Balm Supports Alertness,
Focus, and a Healthy Mood*

Available in 30 Softgel size

Full-Spectrum Extraction: Our Difference

Many companies isolate elements from an herb, concentrate it, and label it “whole herb.” New Chapter delivers the wisdom of whole food. Using only solvent-free methods, including supercritical CO2 extraction, our natural Force extracts guarantee the fullest spectrum of beneficial phytonutrients in their natural profile.

Lemon Balm Force supports a healthy mood, calm, and well-being by supporting alertness and focus

The full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in Lemon Balm Force is delivered using a supercritical extraction, whole-food approach to herbal supplementation.

Lemon Balm acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect against oxidative stress and support the immune system


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