Youth Formula 1

Youth Formula 1
  • Manufacturer: Bio Corp

Youth Formula I is the most scientifically advance amino-acid complex to date. It is designed explicitly to supply natural specific amino acids essential for the formation and elevation of the body's production of Human Growth Hormone. Scientific research has shown that supplementing the natural body hormones can produce many unbelievable benefits including

  • significant loss of fat tissue without exercise (leading to a natural body and face lift)
  • strengthening of the  immune system
  • an increased ability to cope with daily stress and an overall more relaxed attitude
  • increased energy, concentration, and ability to learn
  • deeper sleep (leading to less sleep needed for many people)
  • elimination of panic attacks
  • overall reversal of the aging process
  • reduction in cholesterol

Youth Formula 1 works by stimulating the pituitary gland, which causes a secretion of human growth hormone. This human growth hormone mobilizes large quantities of free fatty acids from the body adipose tissues, sparing the utilization of proteins and amino acids that would normally be consumed as energy by the body. This allows for body to maximize the use of proteins for cell division and maintenance. It has been shown that this maximization increases longevity.

If you don't believe us, read some of the testimonials written by our users of Youth Formula 1:

"I have used the natural Youth Formula 1 and I am very impressed. I did see and feel some dramatic results especially in recovery time, fat loss, and muscle growth. I have to admit, being a biology pre-med major, I was very skeptical about the product being able to actually make the body produce more growth hormone naturally without any ill side-effects. After taking the product, I noticed that I was able to sleep as little as five hours and still get the benefits if I would have slept the normal eight hours. I woke up more refreshed than ever. Keep up the excellent work and stay healthy with the formula." - Harry J. Gabriel

"After the first month of using Youth Formula 1 I noticed little change (other than I felt better, generally). By the end of the second month I noticed a definite change in my face(muscle firmed and I lost an extra chin)! By the start of the third month I decided to double up the dose, and quickly noticed a weight drop (over 15 pounds), and my face continued to firm up. At the end of the third month I was tested by my health club (I must test every 3 months to keep my free corp. membership) and I had lost just over 6% body fat! In just three months, without any change in diet or increase in exercise! My trainer could NOT believe it! The day after I tested there, I went for my three month check with my doctor (I am type II diabetic). When he got back my blood work he called me and said "keep doing what you are doing, your blood levels were perfect" (for the first time in years). Needless to say, I am a user for life! My wife says I look just better! Thanks so much." -Bruce O. Elliot

"I started using Youth formula 1 in March this year. And now in August, I've lost 80 lbs! My cellulite disappeared, an my skin is tight and glowing. I have slept great and had more energy than I have had in 10 years. No starvation diets, or heavy exercise routines, just pay attention to what I ate and 30 minutes a day of cardio. It is now little over a year later and people who haven't seen mi in that long are just amazed at the difference in me. I swear by these amino acids. They really work!" - Lisa M. WA

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